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About the Blog

Welcome our Journey!

This site is intended to be a creative and safe space for us to journey together. I created this website after starting a six month Girl of My Dreams challenge (similar to the "becoming her" movement) and seeing just how many people needed a community. 

My journey with a fight with my boyfriend that revealed a major broken piece of me and caused me to realize that I cannot truly be successful until I heal. Trauma was seeping through my every move and I couldn't run anymore. 

I started making TikTok posts because no one I knew followed me on TikTok but I needed to get some things out. I had to share it with someone but I couldn't risk feeling judged or misunderstood. To my surprise, there were MANY people who were experiencing emotions similar to mine, but didn't know how to embark on this journey (Don't tell them I don't really know what I am doing either). 

So I decided to share my truth, authentically. I captured the journal prompts I write about, the new habits I am attempting to implement, the books I am reading. I capture the whole journey and place in on various platforms so I can help other women. 

If I can help just one woman find healing in herself and achieve all the potential that is inside of her, I would have achieved my goal. This site and my social media would have served its purpose. 

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Meet the Author

About TiAra Dominique

Hi! I am TiAra Dominique (I read somewhere that providing people two names (usually a first and last) when introducing yourself makes you seem important and I have been using two names ever since!)

Anyway! I am a twenty-something year old lady that simply wants to be great! That's it. That's how we got here. I was at a very low point in my life and I decided something had to give and I had to create the life I've always dreamed of becoming. I realized no one was coming to save me. No matter how I poured into someone else, no matter what I did, no one was coming. Quite frankly, I was wasting my time waiting on them! 

I was standing in my own way (in some ways I still am). I am a "victim" of A LOT of things. We all are. I can't always control what happens, and I cannot change anything that has happened in my past, but I can take control of the present and create a new future! And that is what we are here to do. Together. Because sometimes life SUCKS and we need help getting out of a rut. 

We need a community. I am your community. 

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